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The Best American Made E Juice Companies

Here at Best E Juice USA we depend on you the consumer to provide us with the information necessary to make this website what it is today! Best E Juice USA is an unbiased research tool for everyone out there looking for something amazing! Vaping is more than just a way to kick one habit, its a lifestyle, its a hobby and its down right amazing! Best E Juice USA is a living site that is growing everyday! As Best E Juice USA continues to collect information about the exciting world E Juice and E Liquid, this website is becoming a resource for all the people ou there getting into vaping, experienced in vaping or just interested in what e juice is.

Featuring the Best E Juice Companies Made in the USA

For years we have tried, tested, and vaped many of the flavors on this website over and over again to ensure that everything everyone is saying, is up to par. The ratings, general input and reviews about E Juice companies and the E Juice and E Liquid they distribute is from people just like you. This input about E Juice companies was submitted to us by 1000’s of E Juice users and Vape Shop Owners. Many Vape Shop owners look to Best E Juice USA to find out what companies are getting trending reviews and massive attention, so that they to can vape away on something that is amazing!

The following list of companies are the best USA Made E Juice Companies based on industry feedback, overall quality, flavor and vapor production. If you feel like your E Juice is a top contender with the following E Juice companies, please send us an E Mail with your Brand Name, Website, Social Media Profiles and we will review your company. If we feel that you are legitimately a top contender of E Juice, we will ask you to send a sample bottle of E Juice or E Juice’s that you would like to be reviewed. Remember, your E Juice must be made in America, not China, UK, Canada, South Africa, Brazil or anywhere except for the United States. We are always searching social media as well as the internet to find the best USA Made E Juice companies, so we hope you are one!

Best E Juice Companies A – Z

4 Seasonz Elixer

  • 15ml Price: $12.00 – $15.00
  • Ingredients: PG/ VG, Natural/ Artificial Flavorings and a Seasonal Enhancement. May Contain Nicotine

Born, blended and designed in Los Angeles, CA, 4 Seasonz Elixir is one the founders of the E Juice game and their E Juice line is widely known in the community as one of the best. They give their customers and all of us vapor alike a variety of seasons to choose form. The 4 Seasonz Elixir E Juice offers Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter as their E Juice line. The 4 Seasonz Elixir team offers their flavors in 3mg, 6mg and 9mg nicotine flavors in each of their E Juice blends to cater to the Vape Mod users. The flavors are very simple yet delicious. The E Juice is not as thick as some other blends and has more of a clean refreshing feel as opposed to huge flavor.

The 4 Seasonz Elixir E Juice Line

  • Spring – Orange and Passionfruit
  • Summer – Strawberry and Kiwi
  • Fall – Pumpkin Spice Butterscotch and Tobacco
  • Winter – Graham Cracker and Vanilla Swirl

Alpha Vapes

  • 15ml Price: $10.00 -$15.00
  • Ingredients: PG/ VG, Artificial/ Natural Flavorings, May Contain Nicotine.

This E Juice is definitely a top contender in the E Juice world. Alpha Vapes offers a great flavor line uncluding names such as “The Dude” “Mr. Miyagi” as well as Miss White that all have a smooth great vapor flavor. The Alpha Vapes E Juice line all have a very fruity flavor smell and blend. The Alpha Vapes Miss White in specific, is 100% VG. Sweet summer fruits is what they label it, and it definelt has a summer taste and feel. The qualities that can be found in here are Pinapple, Sour, Mango, Peach Juicy flavor. Its a very citrus like E Juice, and at some points it is hard to tell exactly what the flavor is. Overall an amazing E Juice that has a very summer blend of flavors. Its a great juice to vape anytime! Many of the flavors from Alpha Vapes are all very good E Juice blends, i would assume that most of this E Juice is massed produced and not hand made anymore, they are in just about every local vape shop and E Juice Subscription company you can imagine.

The Alpha Vapes E Juice Line

  • Heist – A delicious candy apple
  • Hoops – Honeydew, cantaloupe, pear and cream
  • Manchu – Mango and Guava
  • Miss White – Sweet raspberry and dragon fruit
  • Mr. Miyagi – Papaya with a splash of plum
  • Sweet Tooth – vanilla graham cracker cookie
  • The Dude – Juicy peach, fresh pineapple and mango

Cosmic Fog Vapors

  • 15ml Price: $12.00 – $15.00
  • Ingredients: USP PG, USP VG, Artificial/ Natural Flavorings, May Contain Nicotine.

Cosmic Fog E Juice is one of the best blends of E Juice we have had the privilege to vape. Every one of their blends are completely different and rated 5 stars. With only four flavors, this E Juice company made in the USA is blowing up fast. The blends they offer are all superior to many other E Juice companies on the market today. Cosmic Fog E Juice blends are so unique, we really feel that there is not another e juice blend out there that even compares to any of them. Cosmic Fog E Juice is popping up in many local vape shops across the USA and if your local shop does not carry it, you should really tell them to get on it. It is a super popular company and there e juice blends fly off the shelve. Good job Cosmic Fog, you guys are awesome!

The Cosmic Fog E Juice Line

  • KRYPTONITE – Sweet and refreshing blend of cool melon paired with your favorite candy
  • MILK & HONEY – Puffy marsh mallows, sweet milk, rich honey
  • COLA GUMMY – chewy gummy cola bottles
  • CHURCH – Old fashioned vanilla ice cream, decadent hot fudge, subtle notes of sliced bananas


  • 15ml Price: $12.99 – $15.99
  • Ingredients: USP PG, USP VG, Artificial/ Natural Flavorings, May Contain Nicotine. (There have been rumors of Cuttwood E juice blends containing Titanium Dioxide, many of the articles online now say there is no more Titanium Dioxide in Cuttwood E Juice)

And the peoples choice award goes to Cuttwood “The Suace Boss” Unicorn Milk Premium E Juice. People have been raving over this E Juice over and over again. Cuttwood has proven themselves in vape game with this amazing product. The Cuttwood – Unicorn Milk E Juice has been turning heads from California down to Texas and over to new York. The Smooth flavor of what appears to be something like a Strawberry Shortcake Creamy Heavenly Goodness or Strawberry Nesquick or something is one of the most epic flavors we have had the privilege of vaping. Cuttwood – Unicorn Milk E Juice has been flying off the shelves at local vape shops all over the USA and its no wonder why this juice comes in at #1 on the list on Best E Juice Companies in the USA. Cuttwood is famously known for the Unicorn Milk E Juice , however they also have amazing blends such as Sugar Bear E Juice and Big Melons E Juice that are also amazing! Follow cuttwood on instagram @cuttwood – they have amazing deals and give-aways all the time, and dont forget to pick up a bottle of the Cuttwood Unicorn Milk E Juice.

The Cuttwood E Juice Line

  • Unicorn Milk – Strawberry Custard Ejuice
  • Sugar Bear – Cinnabuns
  • Big Melons – Cantaloupe, Papaya and Mango

Cuttwood Website: No website (if you do, email us) instagram @cuttwood

Five Pawns

  • 30ml Price: $27.50
  • Ingredients: Only the finest ingredients sourced domestically and locally. All Five Pawns E Juice is made in the state of California. Five Pawns E Juice blends are comprised of 50% VG / 50% PG. May Contain Nicotine.

One of the king pins of the E Juice industry, Five Pawns is turning heads all over the vape community. With one of the most expensive blends (per bottle) available, Five Pawns E Juice company continues to sell their signature blends as well as their Mixology Edition MMXIV without a problem. If  Five Pawns E Juice shows up at your local vape shop, you better be there because it sells out fast. Five Pawns has one of the most delicious blends of E Juice on the market, if you have not tried this E Juice companies E Juice, you should ASAP. The cool thing about this E Juice company, they offer signature blend packs where you can buy each one of their blends as a sample ($23.50) 5 x 4ml bottles of E Juice. Five Pawns E Juice offers 50% VG / 50% PG in their E Juice blends. Five Pawns E Juice flavors are extracted from actual base ingredients and they offer 0mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg and 24mg nicotine levels.

The Five Pawns E Juice Line

  • Grandmaster – Smooth creamy peanut butter with banana cream and balanced with velvety caramel
  • Absolute Pin – Irish cream, cinnamon spice, and caramel with subtle absinthe undertones
  • Gambit – Ripe apple, pie crust, caramel. Topped with French Vanilla ice cream, whipped cream
  • Bowden’s Mate – Crisp mint with subtle chocolate undertones and a French vanilla finish
  • Queenside – Delicate blood orange with creamy French vanilla

Fuzion Vapor

  • Price: $9.00 – $12.00
  • Ingredients: The label only displays “May Contain Nicotine” and no other ingredients are listed on the label or website.

If you like sweet, very sweet, incredibly sweet E Juice, you will love the entire Fuzion Vapor line. Everything about the Fuzion Vapor is incredibly sweet. Sometimes they can be a little over powering, depending on your palette. Fuzion Vapor E Juice Company has a huge collection of E Juice, their line of E Juice is literally 40+ blends, again, all very sweet. With some of the most simple packaging in the E Juice industry, Fuzion Vapor continues to pop up in Vape Shops across the USA. This USA Made E Juice company is one of the most profound staple E Juice blends in many local vape shops. If you are looking to get Fuzion Vapor online or in your local vape shop, there are usually deals where you can save a good amount of money. We have seen Fuzion Vapor as cheap as $4 each.

The Fuzion Vapor E Juice company line

  • Unicorn Blood – Fruity, sweet rainbow goodness
  • Krankberry – Raspberry kandy with kranberry kiss
  • Nice Melons – Juicy ripe melons, begging to be picked
  • Rasta Blood – Strawberry fields with white chocolate lines
  • Narwhal Blood – Tropical candy
  • Endless Summer – Strawberry lemonade that you will never forget
  • Ectoplasm – Green freezie pop
  • Gummy Blood – Sweet gummy candy with a splash of refreshing fruit
  • WaterFelons – Watermelon blast with a hip-hop gush of waterfall

Gemini Vapors

  • 15ml Price: $12.00
  • On Label Ingredients: WARNING: This product contains Nicotine. Not for sale to minors or under the age of 18 years old. *KEEP AWAY FROM CHILDREN AND PETS.

If you want to try a new E Juice Company that has some of the most delicious flavors on the market, Gemini Vapors E Juice is your best bet. The mission of Gemini Vapors E Juice company is provide the best products and services to vapers across the globe. Gemini Vapors E Juice company has some of the best tasting flavors of E Juice, hand down! There are many other E Juice companies that have very well made E Juice blends, Gemini Vapors E Juice company on the other hand has EXTREMELY WELL MADE blends and explosive flavor and each one of their blends are absolutely irresistible. With flavors that range from Grape Blueberry Punch with a slight Tart Twist to Cinnamon Toast Crunch with a hint of sweet Cream, Gemini Vapors E Juice company has something for your palette. Gemini also produced the 30ML Phillip Rocke Grand Reserve “Crème De La Crème” oh which, only 300+ bottles were produced. Who knows what Gemini is up to next, but you better keep up with them, they are growing fast.

The Gemini Vapors E Juice Company line

  • 100 Grand – Cinnamon Toast Crunch with a hint of sweet Cream
  • Adam & Eve – Sour Green Apple with a Fresh Exhale sensation
  • Octo – Grape Blueberry Punch with a slight Tart Twist
  • Enter the Dragon – Strawberry Sweet Peach with a Fresh Kick
  • Koi – Tropical Melon with a Coconut Exhale
  • Royalty – Buttered Pecan Banana Nut Bread

Nicoclean LLC

  • 15ml Price: $7.95
  • Ingredients: USP PG, USP VG, Artificial/ Natural Flavorings, May Contain Nicotine.
  • Nicoclean E Juice Review

Nicoclean LLC is an amazing player in the game, they have every flavor you can possibly imagine, and super delicious at that. If you are looking for simple strawberry not mixed with anything else crazy or litterally any other flavor you can imagine by its self, Nicoclean has them all. Personally, here at Best E Juice USA, we love the The Nicoclean Cotton Candy E Juice. Nicoclean Cotton Candy  is remarkably one of the best E Juice Flavors on the market and the makers of Nicoclean LLC really know what they are doing.  This E Juice has an amazing flavor for many reasons, as soon as you open the bottle of E Juice, you feel like you are at the county fair and you about to indulge in some quality cotton candy. This E Juice has some of the best qualities and E Juice should have! The taste is smooth, sweet (but not overly sweet), and the perfect blend of PG and VG to give you those perfect clouds! The Cotton Candy E Juice form Nicoclean is a true WOW E Juice and here at Best E Juice USA believe that this E Juice should be in everyones tank or mod. The E juice that Nicoclean produces is of 100% quality. Every blend of E Juice that Nicoclean produces is smooth and tasty. Follow Nicoclean on instagram @nicocleanpremiumejuice – they have amazing deals and give-aways all the time, and dont forget to pick up a bottle of the Cotton Candy Premium E Juice.

A snippet of the Nicoclean E Juice Line

Space Jam Vapors

  • 15ml Price: $12.00 – $15.00
  • Ingredients: PG/ VG, Artificial/ Natural Flavorings, May Contain Nicotine.

Made in Orange County and loved by people nation wide, Space Jam E Juice has to be one of the most unique flavors we have tried over here at Best E Juice USA. The Andromeda among many other flavors by Space Jam has characteristics of a fruit basket with love and so much more. It taste like a delicious combination of strawberry, peaches on a summer day. If you are a fan of sweet USA Made E Juice, you will love the Andromeda by Space Jam E Juice. We can go on and on about how amazing all the flavors of Space Jam E Juice are but you really must try them your self to understand the wonderful flavors that this company offers. 

Space Jam E Juice Flavor Line

  • ANDROMEDA – Pomegranate and Blueberries
  • ASTRO – Apples and Strawberries
  • ECLIPSE – Vanilla Bean with Cavendish tobacco/ Golden Grahams
  • OMEGA – Spiced peaches and sweet cream
  • PLUTO – Watermelon Bubblegum with just a hint of Mint
  • STARSHIP 1 – Vanilla Custard topped with ripe tropical Kiwi

Suicide Bunny

  • Price 15ml: $12.00 – $15.00
  • Price 30ml: $18.00 – $25.00
  • Ingredients: PG/VG Ratio: Unknown. May Contain Nicotine.

Suicide Bunny makes some of the most well known E Juice flavors. One of the most recognized E Juice flavors that this company produced was the “Mothers Milk”. Mothers Milk by Suicide Bunny is a deliciously rich and creamy dessert flavored E Juice with strawberry accents and a smooth vapor throat hit. The light strawberry vape hit is a perfect blend of vapor and flavor. We highly, highly, highly recommend the Suicide Bunny Mothers Milk.  It’s been rated as one of the top  E Juice flavors in the industry. Once you try the Suicide Bunny E Juice flavor line, you wont be able to keep your hand off of them! Try some today by visiting on your local vape shops. Suicide Bunny Mothers Milk is Made in the USA.

Suicide Bunny E Juice Flavor Line

  • Derailed – Snickerdoodle cookie base with sweet cinnamon banana
  • Madrina – Cream with Melon
  • Mother’s Milk – Sweet Strawberry, Creamy Custard
  • Sucker Punch – Cream base, Fuit Flavor
  • The O.B. – Rich, Sweet Cream, Cake Flavor

Vaping Rabbit

  • 15ml Price: $13.75
  • 60ml Price: $45.00
  • Ingredients: FROM VAPING RABBIT WEBSITE: “I use local flavoring businesses but also give the line a special and unique taste through a process called steam distillation.” May Contain Nicotine.

One of the most profound E Juice names in the Industry, The Vaping Rabbit Eliquid company has some of the most mouth watering blends of E Juice in the game. The flavor line is based on Alice in Wonderland and each name has a unique flavor and feel. The Vaping Rabbit Eliquid company uses a method of making E Juice called Steam distillation. Steam distillation is a process where you extract the flavors from real fruit, herbs, and spices. The Vaping Rabbit Eliquid company believes that this is what gives the Vaping Rabbit such a unique and palatable taste. A true Hand Crafted E Juice company, you can tell these ladies know what they are doing. Thanks The Vaping Rabbit Eliquid company, we cant wait until you release a new blend, and if you don’t, i don’t think anyone will care, every flavor is delicious and we always come back for more.

Vaping Rabbit Eliquid company E Juice Flavor Line

  • THE ALICE – Classic tres leches cake with a fruity glaze
  • THE CHESHIRE CAT – Orange pineapple upside-down cake with brown sugar glaze
  • THE HATTER – A slice of Flan Napolitano
  • THE MARCH HARE – Silky mocha with fresh orange zest
  • THE PELICAN – Creamy grape mamba milkshake
  • THE WHITE RABBIT – Creamy raspberry tart
  • THE WHITE QUEEN – Blueberry shortbread cookies with creamy lemon frosting

Velvet Cloud Vapor

  • 15ml Price: $10.00
  • Ingredients: All natural, organic. no PG, all VG, no coloring, and nothing artificial. May Contain Nicotine.

Based out of San Francisco, Velvet Cloud Vapor was founded 2011 and continues to make some of the most impressive E Juice blends you can imagine. Velvet Cloud Vapor has unique tastes, quality ingredients, and hand brewed American Sourced Nicotine Extract. With one of the best art designs of their E Juice, you can tell right when you visit their website that you are going to be in for a real tasty treat. The Velvet Cloud Vapor line is larger than most, which is awesome because you can really pin point your exact flavor opinion. One of the lines in their about us is “If the local farmer’s market made e-liquid – this would be it” which is so awesome to hear. We all love our E Juice made with love and this company does just that. Thank you Velvet Cloud Vapor, we really do love your E Juice.

The Velvet Cloud Vapor E Juice Line

  • Burley Beard Tobacco
  • Campfire
  • Ice Beard Menthol Tobacco
  • Maple Mountain Breakfast
  • Mewlew’s Magic
  • Monkey Business
  • Night Shift
  • Strawb-Gwab
  • White Beard Tobacco
  • Sour Skittles
  • Catherine the Grape
  • Vanilla Custard
  • Fruit Cup

Virgin Vapor

  • Price: $11.50 – $13.50
  • Ingredients: USP (pharmaceutical grade) vegetable glycerin, base of organic ethyl alcohol, distilled water. Pharmaceutical grade nicotine and pharmaceutical grade propylene glycol if requested. May Contain Nicotine.

Virgin Vapor is one of the big name E Juice companies that offers a huge selection of blends and they sell many other things on their website. Some of the popular flavors of the Virgin Vapor Line may include Organic Strawberry Shortcake, Organic Orange Creamsickle and Organic Maple French Toast e juice. Virgin Vapor is more of a corporate america style E Juice company that mass produces E Juice instead of Hand Making E Juice with love like some other companies. Lets face it, E Juice will most definitely taste different if you are blending it in mass quantities. The cool part about Virgin Vapor is they offer so many different blends and flavors to choose from so its virtually impossible to not find a blend or flavor you might like. Take a look at their site and see if you find anything you like.

Virgin Vapor E Juice Line

  • Organic Chocolate Cake E-liquid
  • Organic Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough E-liquid
  • Organic Coconut Breeze E-liquid
  • Organic Coffee Monkey E-liquid
  • Organic Cotton Candy Carnival E-liquid
  • Organic Creme Caramel E-liquid
  • Organic Darjeeling Sweet Tea E-liquid
  • Organic Dark Roast Turkish Coffee
  • Organic Dark Side of the Moon E-liquid
  • Many More