GS3 E Juice Hurricane E Juice

GS3 Hurricane Best E Juice USA
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GS3 E Juice Hurricane E Juice

The GS3 – Hurricane is a contender here at Best E Juice USA

GS3 Hurricane Review: The Hurricane E Juice from GS3 is a super delicious E Juice that contains every sweet flavor from Strawberries, Pomegranate, Sweet Peaches and just an overwhelming sense of sweetness. The GS3 Hurricane Flavor E juice is definitely a top contender in the Best E Juice USA Category and will continue to vaped and bought again. On the Beginning of the vape it is almost a tangy sweetness as you can taste what appears to be the Strawberries and Pomegranate. On the Exhale of this E Juice, you can taste the thickness of the vapor as well as the sweet peach flavor that is simply to die for.

This USA Made E juice is so delicious, you will definitely buy it again. If you have not tried the GS3 E Juice and specifically “Hurricane” I would suggest you go down to your local vape shop and get some. Thanks GS3 you made a great one. We cant wait to see what else you have in store for all us wonderful vape peeps out here.
•Warning: If you are partial to flavors that are overwhelmingly sweet, this flavor might not be for you. It packs a serious sweet punch to your taste buds. Personally, we love this E Juice and everything about it.

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