Kaptain Peanut Butter Krunch

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Kaptain Peanut Butter Krunch USA Made E Juice

The Kaptain Peanut Butter Krunch by Lost Art Liquids

Kaptain Peanut Butter Krunch Review: This is must try for everyone out there who is a vape connoisseur. The flavor of this E Juice is just like you would imagine it. The flavor is a very thick tasting Peanut Butter heavy E Juice with hints of a crunch bite. Its a bit hard to explain just how good this E Juice is through text, but the E Juice goes really good with coffee (go-figure). The Peanut Butter Krunch flavor has a huge amount of Peanut Butter flavor and bits of sweetness, which I cant exactly pin point, but its very delicious.

I vaped this E Juice while i was at home out of the Kayfun, because lets face it, every E Juice company wants you to vape out of a Kayfun, you can taste the flavor 100%. I have also vapid this out of a Joyetech battery with a MT3 Clearomizer and they both taste very good, however, I HIGHLY recommend tasting this juice from a Kayfun or an RDA because you will taste all of the flavor. When you vape the Kaptain Peanut Butter Krunch USA Made E Juice out of a clearomizer, it seems to lose some of the flavor it had in the Kayfun, maybe I shouldn’t have tried it out of the MT3.

The bottom line here folks, try this E Juice and bring it back to your childhood days of Captain Crunch. This E Juice is amazing. Thanks Lost Art Liquids for providing the community with such a wonderful flavor.
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