Kayfun V4 Clone Review

Kayfun V4 Review BEST RBA
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Kayfun V4 Clone Review

Kayfun V4 Review

The Kayfun V4 Features Robust Air Flow and 4 Connectors instead of the original 2

The Kayfun V4 is quite a bit different than the Kayfun 3.1 and Kayfun Lite. With the tagline of “Everything Stays Different, the statement is true, everything is the same in concept, however every part and piece is different. If you are an avid lover of the Kayfun Lite or Kayfun 3.1, the Kayfun V4 is going to be your next “go-to” RBA. The flexibility and control of builds, air flow and e juice on this RBA will have you amazed at how well svoe mesto out did them selves on this one.

The Kayfun V4 features a wide variety of updates and changes. Some of the main features you will see on this beast are awesome and will allow much more flexibility in your build as opposed to the first versions of the Kayfun. The Kayfun V4 features a quad connector deck and the ability to access the deck without losing or spilling any e juice (which we all know is incredibly important).

Kayfun V4 Features and Benefits

  • Liquid Control (open/shut)
  • Filling through the top cap
  • Airflow Control
  • Any time access to the coil, removal of deck without draining the liquid.
  • Exchangeable tanks (borosilicate glass, polycarbonate, steel all included in the base kit)
  • Exchangeable hybrid connectors
  • 4 Connectors instead of the original two (More options for builds)

The new and upgraded, MASSIVE AIRFLOW control is a huge step up from the previous models and if you love airflow, you will certainly get it here. The Airflow is what I noticed most about the Kayfun V4 as it has 4x the holes and flow capacity. I was a little shocked at just how much air flow the Kayfun V4 has and at first I did not like it. Instead of immediately going back to the Kayfun Lite, I switch the drip tip from the Lite to the V4 and BOOM, a perfect amount of air flow for me.

Kayfun V4 Dimensions

  • Width: 22mm with M-Tank
  • Width: 22-23mm with Glass Tank
  • Width: 22-23mm with Steel Tank
  • Length: 55.5mm with M-tank
  • Length: 57.9mm with Glass Tank
  • Length: 57.5mm with Steel Tank

The deminsions are primariy the same as the orgianl kayfun, however the Kayfun V4 is a tiny bit wider and a tiny bit taller.

Kayfun V4 Kit Contents

  • Fully assembled Kayfun V4 Atomizer
  • Borosilicate glass tank section
  • Polycarbonate M-Tank
  • User manual in English and German
  • Exploded assembly drawing

The Kayfun V4 comes with everything you need to start building and we all know how anxious we get when we get a new piece of hardware. Start your engines folks, the Kayfun V4 is a beast and you will love what is has to offer.

Kayfun V4 Problem Area’s

The Only problem I found with the Kayfun V4 is that there are now 4 holes to drain e juice from instead of the one on the previous models. If you were used to filling up your kayfun 3.1 or kayfun lite from the top, and you try on the kayfun v4, if you do it wrong, it will leak through all 4 holes which is a nightmare to control.

We still highly recommend it! Awesome piece of hardware, a must have for any vaper Clone or no clone!

Kayfun V4 Review Deck & Tank

Kayfun V4 Review Deck & Tank

Kayfun V4 Clone Review - Kayfun Tank

Kayfun V4 Clone Review – Kayfun Tank

Kayfun V4 Clone Review - Kayfun Deck

Kayfun V4 Clone Review – Kayfun Deck

An Amazing all around Rebuildable Atomizer! This tank is a must have for any RBA lover and any vaper in general. With massive air flow and access to the deck without spilling juice, this tank is revolutionary in the RBA world!

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