Mother Cloud Vapes Custard Pie Review

Mother Cloud Vapes Custard Pie
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Mother Cloud Vapes Custard Pie

Creamy, Delicious Custard E Juice with a smooth finish!

Mother Cloud Vapes Specializes in the Custards and it is clear with this one! The Mother Cloud Vapes, Custard Pie is a must vape for any fan of custard e juice or anyone who is extremely partial to anything with a creamy, smooth vape.

On the inhale, you get a smooth, creamy vape with a slight kick or “bite”. Its hard to nail down exactly what this kick or bit is, but this is an all around 5 star vape. Every thing about this one is a “go-to” or all day vape! The “Pie” in this custard does remind us of an old fashioned grandma pie and WOW it is good!

The Bottle we are testing is a 60/40 blend and 3mg Nicotine Strength. The Nicotine packs a perfect punch per the 3mg Nicotine and the blend 60/40 give the perfect amount of vapor product with an amazing amount of flavor.

The Warning Label on Mother Cloud Vapes

  • May Cntain Ncotine
  • Nicotine is Adictive
  • Do Nt Drink
  • Keep Away From Children
  • If Ingested Seek Medical Advice
  • If Contact With Eyes, Flush Immedietly

– Proudly Made in the USA

Mother Cloud Vapes Custard Pie

Mother Cloud Vapes Custard Pie


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